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Experience something new

After a successful musical run with Honne, Beka was at the brink of launching her solo career. Bubbling with an infectious desire to explore the world around her, and passionate about sharing these experiences with others through song, Beka was in need of translating her vision into a brand that would resonate both with her audience and industry. We partnered with Zulu Music and Beka to create a visual identity and strategy that would build brand recognition, encompass her personal ambitions and welcome listeners to experience something new.


Music that connects at a deeper level

Not just a bunch of catchy tunes, you soon discover that hidden in between Beka's lyrics, are layers saturated with significant conversations, experiences and memories. It’s these moments that characterise her music and translate into the stories told through her songs. For Beka, the drive is to captivate listeners, so they too can experience new perspectives. Since launching the brand and her debut EP, she has successfully connected with her audience over multiple platforms including radio, television and social media.


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Playful Curiosity

Beka’s leading value is defined by an excitement to discover more. To try new things, fearlessly explore surroundings and have some fun along the way. It set the overall tone for how each touch point of the brand should behave. Ultimately, it gave Beka the confidence to freely show off her creativity and invite others to collaborate. This has since enabled Beka to work with multiple teams to produce content for music videos, cover artwork, stage design and social platforms.


Unveil the Beauty

We built a visual identity inspired by Beka’s personal styling and her musical influences. A sophisticated logo borrowing from the conventions of traditional fashion brands, a charismatic colour palette to mimic the energy of her music and a dynamic veil to convey the notion of revealing new worlds. Overall, Beka is presented as an exciting artist and one not easily forgotten.

Oddigy are outstanding. They bring such an expansive view on things. They're eclectic people with varying minds and views, yet one aligned sense of culture, which I think is so rare. I feel like they're the greatest edition I have had to my project and the branding they have created has been the key for my mind and my career and project going ahead.



A huge thank you to BEKA, Thando and Zulu Music for all your contribution, positive energy and contagious enthusiasm. A special thank you to Millie, Sophie B, Sophie M, Sophia, Natasha, Katie, Chismo, Martina, Nathan, Devon and the wider production team for your fantastic skills and bringing richness to the table.

Creative Direction

Andy Khatouli

Brand Strategy

Stephanie Alcaino

Creative Direction

Matt Miller