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Books that Inspire

Books can transport us into new worlds, teach us empathy, expand our thinking and inspire us with new ideas. Masterfully curating the best selection of fiction books, Illumicrate prides itself in offering its audiences a wide range of carefully selected novels available through its subscription business model. As the brand continues to expand its offerings, Illumicrate required a brand refresh that would facilitate its growing range of subsidiaries.


The Culture of Books

As the world migrates many aspects of life into the digital space, the physicality of books and consumer needs within publishing has transformed. Although many readers still love a good paper-back, the options of audiobooks, e-books and kindles have produced more options on how one might consume a novel. So how has the book world transformed?


Bringing the Words to Life

With inspiration, innovation, and the community at the heart of Illumicrate’s brand, we aimed to build a visual identity that could pay homage to its pre-existing identity whilst also introducing modular systems that could facilitate its growing subsidiaries. The brand insights offered the opportunity to create a playful identity that leveraged the audience's interests – books, by creating messaging and a graphic system that drew inspiration from some of the community's favourite reads.


A New Tale to Tell

A play on the use of light, the graphic system explored the visual metaphor of inspiration emanating from the stories people love. By illustrating key themes, characters and artefacts, these were symbolic of the shared reading experience and what ultimately brought together the book community. A vibrant colour palette, a contemporary take on a modern typeface and an adventurous tone of voice paid homage to the heritage of the literature world by bringing it into the modern age. The new visual identity had allowed the brand to evolve with it's audience and continue to inspire a new generation of readers and literary explorers.

Thank you to Daphne, Alex and the wider Illumicrate team. We were endlessly inspired by your stories, thoughtfulness and contribution throughout this project.

Brand Strategy

Stephanie Alcaino

Creative Direction

Andy Khatouli