Matt Miller

The vision, the CEO, Matt is our masterful architect realising ideas, opportunities, and leading Oddigy.

Matt has built and directed creative teams for brands, products and campaigns in fashion, commerce, music and charities. He somehow also finds time to serve as a trustee in influential spaces and utilise his immersion in current culture.

We’ve discovered Twiglets, Bakewell Tarts and any grape drink are successful lures for his attention.

Stephanie Alcaino

A zealous culturist, Steph is the in-house creative scholar helping teams find cultural connections and translating them into meaningful narratives.

With 10 years of experience, Steph’s extensive travels throughout her career ignited her pursuit of cultural awareness. She has worked across an expansive range of culture-defining industries, including fashion, music and advertising.

Steph spends most of her free time lost in a book, voyaging around the world or simply dog-watching at her local park.

Andy Khatouli

Mad with imagination, Andy is the in-house creative wizard, leading the team in bringing to life our best ideas through innovation and excellence.

His child-like passion to explore and experiment creatively has given him a wide range of experience working with some of the world's biggest brands.

When he's not scribbling in his sketch-book, Andy can be found changing nappies or watching professional wrestling.

Jared Saar

Mr. Legal and accounts, Jared is our COO ensuring that all things run smoothly behind the scenes.

Building on his experience working in various sectors and managing teams, he enjoys bringing his creativity to the role and exploring new ways to make working at Oddigy the best it can be.

When he’s not working he relaxes by illustrating, listening to true crime, watching anime and playing playstation.

Bence Borbely

The bright spark of the studio, Bence is our in-house content creator, bringing an unparalleled enthusiasm for life.

Inspired by his love for fashion combined with his architecture degree, he offers a fresh perspective on spacial design and an invaluable appreciation of materials.

When Bence is not dreaming up brilliant concepts, you can find him tucked away in an east-end coffee shop or sipping on a glass of wine whilst building brilliant balloon fashion.