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Go Beyond

Beyond Meat approached us to create compelling campaigns for their 'Veganuary' and ‘Go Beyond’ initiatives featuring one of their brand ambassadors – pro footballer Romelu Lukaku. Beyond Meat identified the importance and impact of working with a diverse creative and production team to effectively launch into the UK and EU markets. Our partnership was holistically inclusive from conceptualisation to delivery, messaging, photography and film.


A Better Way to Feed The Future

With a genuine love for the brand as well as football, Oddigy aimed to communicate the benefits of Beyond Meat’s plant-based products within the context of the UK and Europe's football subculture.


That’s A Banger!

The hero video, 'That's a Banger', launched in early January and has been Beyond Meat’s most viewed reel to date on social platforms with Instagram currently seeing 2 million views. The video captures the essence of a classic British pub meal with a twist. Taking the colloquial term of a 'banger' we playfully connected the two subjects of football and sausages to create a memorable and witty marketing piece.


When food meets football culture

For fans, there is a natural affinity between football and food. And to capture this relationship, the story-telling and cinematography merges fast paced cuts with moments of celebrations. The overall art-direction uses warm punchy tones and dynamic camera movement to reflect the energy and life of the game we love and the food we associate with it. Well prepared, always delivers and looks good in the process.

It's been an absolute joy working with you all. You all do amazing work from concept to creation!

Brennan Russo

Beyond Meat

Thank you to Kyle, Brennan, Rhea and the wider Beyond Meat team. Thank you to Romelu for your willingness to contribute to this project. And finally a special thanks to Paul, Israel, Safiya, Raylean, Seraphina and the team at Method Films for your dedication throughout this project.

Brand Strategy

Stephanie Alcaino

Creative Direction

Andy Khatouli

Creative Direction

Matt Miller