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All is well

Humanrace, founded by Pharrell Williams, is a brand dedicated to promoting well-being for all. To understand how their award-winning products work, Oddigy was tasked in creating a photography campaign for their 2023 consumer perception report.


The Pursuit for Well-being

Guided by Pharrell's personal wellness journey, Humanrace is all about empowering individuals to take better care of themselves, and in turn, take care of others. Oddigy's mandate was clear - to create a campaign that would exemplify the brand's modern-day consumers and long lasting skin health.


Skin in the Game

The Humanrace collection is designed for a diverse range of skin types and people groups. So we recognised the importance of building a creative team that reflected the same audience the brand was trying to reach. Both those involved in crafting the campaign and those featured, brought an invaluable mix of skills and perspectives to the room. Together, we were able to showcase the transformative effects of their skin care products whilst simultaneously resonating with the people who would benefit from it. 


Beyond Face Value

Soft lighting, gentle postures and revealed skin, the final set of images stripped away all distractions and instead highlighted the nourishing effects of Humanrace’s products. The campaign celebrates its simplicity, from product, to routine use, to packaging, all highlighting what really mattered; the people it was made for. Overall, it would inspire individuals to embrace a happier well-being more than skin deep.

A huge thank you to Edward Robinson and the wider Humanrace team for their incredible direction and vision. And a special thanks to Tide Casting and models Clementine, Helena, Coral, Isiah and Sheldon for your contribution to this project.

Art Direction Edward Robinson 

Lighting Tech Sam Butt 

Digi Op Chelsea Beale

Casting Zoárd Heuzé and Rory Griffin 

Hair Meghan Cox 

Makeup Hannah Martin 

Post Prod Danielle Painting

Studio The Qube 

Lighting 123 Lighting 

Creative Direction

Matt Miller

Brand Strategy

Stephanie Alcaino